Collection of 57 Glass Stereoviews. 45x107.France, Circa 1920

Complete collection of stereoscopic photographs on glass plates. Touristic and private images. Stored in their original cardboard boxes.



Antique collection of 57 45x107 stereoscopic photographs made in France circa 1920. This compendium of images on glass plates comes in its original cardboard boxes, with their corresponding labels and French inscriptions which indicate the contents. One of the boxes bears a typed label with the inscription Grottes de Betharram (Betharram Caves, located in France); the plates show images of the caves and was probably acquired in a travel. The rest of the images are for private use: two of the boxes show the handwritten inscription Plaques Italie Septembre 1929. These photographs depict images of iconic places such as the Roman Colosseum or the Canals of Venice, but they also include more personal scenes (a man posing in front of the camera or a dog in the middle of a field, among others). All the plates remain in excellent condition. Any lover of Antique photographs will surely appreciate this complete collection of of 57 43x107 stereoscopic photographs, full of charm and with a nostalgic touch.

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