Elegant German Ideal D Typewriter, 1945. Well Preserved and Working

Nice German typewriter Ideal D, in perfect condition and working order.



Classic vintage Ideal D typewriter made in Germany in 1945. This article is in quite good condition and works very well, fluidly and softly enough. The typewriter is made of black-lacquered iron and is solid and heavy, with an appealing and decorative design. Both the upper front part of the machine and the piece over the carriage bear the name of the brand (Ideal) in nice golden lettering. At the front, just over the keyboard and to the right, we can also see a circular logo with the anagram SN inside. These are the initials of Seidel & Naumann, the manufacturing firm. At the back of the typewriter we can find again the same logo with the letters SN, attached to the metal. Apart from some slightly worn parts, the typewriter is very well preserved and is a really decorative item. The keyboard is simple and elegant, composed by circular keys with white background and black capital letters. The keys are surrounded by the typical silvery metal ring. Just over the white keys we find another row of black keys with white numerals. The typewriter lets the user write in red and with no ink, just stamping the letters and the numbers on the paper. Ideal typewriters were designed and manufactured by Seidel & Naumann from Dresen, Germany. The brand was patented in 1897 by E.E. Barney, and the first models were produced by Seidel & Naumann in 1900. Ideal A3 appeared in 1906 and after it Ideal B (1915), Ideal C (1919) and the model we are looking at, Ideal D (1945), were launched. The first typewriters had a lever on the right of the keyboard which operated the carriage return and the line spacing, while the following models were designed without the lever. This wonderful typewriter is surely a highly interesting item for anyone who can appreciate the best office antiques.

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