Antique German Stoewer Record Typewriter, Year 1926. Decorative and Working Fine

German Stoewer Record typewriter made in 1926. In good condition and working.



Beautiful Stoewer Record typewriter made in Germany in 1926. It is a solidly and compactly designed piece, very common in those times, that has survived to our days in good condition and working order. Stoewer was founded by Bernhard Stowewer in 1858 and in the beginning it only manufactured sewing machines. In 1893 the company began producing bicycles and in 1896 divided in two branches: one that would produce sewing machines, typewriters and bicycles and other for manufacturing cars, trucks and buses. The first Stoewer typewriter was designed by Paul Grützman and was launched in 1903. Until 1933, when the typewriter factory closed its doors, the company produced around 135400 typewriters.This model is a lovely piece from the 1920s, full of aesthetical attractive and functionality. It is very well preserved and keeps all its original parts. The typewriter works well and can be used to type with no problem whatsoever. At the front, just over the keyboard we can see the models name printed in fine golden letters: STOEWER RECORD. On both sides of this inscription there are some circular emblems that represent the medals won by the Stoewer typewriter at various international expositions and competitions. One of them is the Gold Medal that the company was awarded in the Manchester Industrial Exposition of 1910, while another is from an Arts and Education Exposition in Italy. We can see the brands name and address printed over the carriage, too.The typewriter has a German old-style keyboard. The keys are circular with white background and black symbols, and are reinforced with the nickel ring typical of vintage typewriters. All the keys work well and remain in good condition. If we turn the typewriter, at the back we will discover a metal plate screwed to the lacquered iron with the serial number printed in it: 115561. The attractive look and good condition of this Stoewer Record typewriter turn it into a striking vintage piece, fit to decorate an elegant study or library.

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