Exceptional MAP French Typewriter, Manufactured in 1921. Well Preserved

Very rare French MAP typewriter from 1921. In good condition and working.



Rare typewriter made in France by the MAP (Manufacture DArmes de Paris) and dating from 1921. It is an exclusive piece which was only produced for the French market. This is a very beautiful and elegant machine, with a harmonious design and highly decorative look. The typewriter is made of black-lacquered iron with golden inscriptions, and is in good condition considering the trace of time and use. The piece shows its inner mechanism through the openings in both sides and also at the back. This design is typical of vintage typewriters and was intended to enlighten the irons weight and to let the user see the inner components of the machine.The keyboard is composed of smart keys with white background and black letters. All of them are circular in shape and are framed by a silvery metal ring. Some keys (tabulator, shift) are written in French, which means that this typewriter was only produced for the national market. All the keys are in good condition except for the spacebar that has lost part of its black-lacquered finish. Nevertheless, in spite of this discreet detail the keyboard works wonderfully. Just over the carriage we can see the elegant and fully decorated logo of the factory, with the letters MAP surrounded by an oval frame embellished by volutes and baroque-inspired vegetal motives.To the left of the keyboard there is another golden logo, circular in shape and with the letters FN. Between them there is a curious drawing with two cranks crossing a rifle. This logo belongs to FN Herstal, the National Arm Factory of Belgium. The MAP (Manufacture DArmes de Paris) was founded the 5th of July, 1915 by two chairmen from the FN Herstal exiled in France: Alexandre Galopin and Gustave Joassart. In the beginning it only produced firearms but after the I World War the factory started developing another articles. The launched their first typewriters in 1921; the company appealed to the patriotism to sell their models, urging the French to give up purchasing foreign products in order to stop the depreciation of the franc.This typewriter is a rare find that will stand out in the best collection of vintage machines from the early 20th century.

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