Continental Standard Typewriter with Original Wooden Case. Germany, Circa 1925

German Continental Standard typewriter, circa 1925. With original case and in perfect condition.



Fine vintage typewriter made in Germany in the 1920s. This is a real Continental Standard, one of the most popular typewriters which were commercialized in Germany during the first half of the 20th century. The article is in very good condition and works well, fluidly and softly. It comes with its original wooden case, whose outside is covered with a nice oak veneer. It keeps the original lock and key that can be perfectly operated. Continental Standard typewriters started being produced in 1904 by Wanderer-Werke manufacturing brand. They were made for more than three decades. These machines work with frontstrike system, which lets the user read what he or she is typing. The typewriter we are talking about was a real improvement compared with another models from those times: it did not only let the writer read the text but its front could also be opened in order to clean the inside gears.This model is made of black-lacquered cast-iron and is in great condition, probably thanks to the case that protects it. This case is made up by a wooden plank where the typewriter sits and a cover with a delicately curved front which adapts itself to the shape of the machine. The cases outside is covered by a beautiful golden veneer and there is an inscription in elegant golden capital letters with the brand and the name of the factory (Wanderer-Werke, Chemnitz - Sachsen). The wood is in very good condition though we can appreciate some slight signs of wear at the rear, easy to restore by a good professional.The typewriters front also boasts the name and logo of the brand, together with the city of location. To the left of the name and just over the keyboard there is a metal plate screwed to the metal, where we can read the following inscription in golden letters: Theo Weilbächer Büromaschinen Koblenz, Telef. 2423. This is surely the shop where the typewriter was originally purchased. Again, we find these words just over the carriage; all the inscriptions are well preserved and perfectly legible. Embossed over the type drum we can also see the serial number: 162797.All these details turn this piece into an exclusive item, a hundred per cent original and worthy of a museum of vintage and antique typewriters.

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