Rare German Culema Typewriter, Year 1919.

Antique German Culema typewriter, 1919. Very rare. Collector's item.



Exclusive German Culema typewriter made in 1919. Solid and reliable, this item is Model 3 and its serial number is 686. This is a really uncommon typewriter, a real collectors item. The piece works very well and is in good condition, though the cover that protected the typebars is missing. Even so it is still a charming article that boasts a beautiful design, as nice as functional. The machines body is made of black-lacquered cast-iron and is in quite good condition. It is decorated with slim golden lines that frame the front and the sides, and bears also some inscriptions with the brand and the companys logo.At the top of the typewriter, just over the carriage we can read the name CULEMA in big white capital letters. This name is also at the front, over the keyboard, and in this case it is crowned by the companys logo with the acronym GLE (Gebruder Lehmann, Ehrfurt). The keyboard that rests below the logo is composed of circular keys, with black background and white symbols. These pieces are framed by the typical silvery metal ring and are well preserved, except for the N key that is slightly worn. Otherwise and except for the missing cover, the typewriter keeps all its original components and works really well.At the rear we can find several golden inscriptions, all of them framed by a slim rectangular line in the same color. There are two laurel wreaths located one on each side, with an inscription in capital letters between them. Again at the front, just under the keyboard we can also read the name of the manufacturing company:Gebruder Lehmann, Ehrfurt. Ehrfurt is the German city where the factory was founded. This company started producing Culema typewriters soon after the end of the I World War. This particular model is one of the first designs produced under that name.This rare and elegant typewriter will surely stand out in any collection of antiques from the early 20th century.

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