Royal 10 Typewriter with Glass Walls. United States, 1933. Working Fine

Elegant Royal 10 typewriter with glass walls. Made in the USA in 1933.



This fine Royal 10 typewriter, in very good condition and working, is almost a museum piece. Made in the USA in 1933, it has iron frame and beveled glass sides. The glass panels are original and in spite of their fragility, they have survived to our days in perfect condition. The typewriter works perfectly and can be use to type documents. Sober and austere in design, the black enamel that protects the metal is in exceptional condition and just shows some slight signs if wear in some points close to the spacebar. Otherwise, the finish is almost intact and the same can be said about the beautiful keyboard.The Royal 10 is a classic in the field of vintage typewriters, being one of the models that marked the end of the history of typewriter developments. This means that these models were manufactured for decades with almost no changes in their appearance and mechanism. Royal typewriters were manufactured by the Royal Typewriter Company, founded in 1904 in New York by Edward B. Hess y Lewis C. Myers. The first Royal 10 appeared in 1914 and has to beveled glass panels on either side; later the design changed and started to show only one glass panel on each side, just like the typewriter we are looking at.Curiously enough, Royal 10 machines were considered the sturdiest typewriters in the market. The Royal Company organized stunts where it threw typewriters (in crates) from airplanes to show that they would even survive a fall. This typewriters design undoubtedly displays reliability and strength, and nowadays is still modern and decorative. The keyboard is composed of round pieces with white background and black symbols, reinforced by the classical nickel ring. Just over the carriage and at the rear we can see the logo ROYAL printed in solid golden lettering.The interest of this piece focuses mainly on its lovely design, the relevance that the model reached in time and its excellent working order. All these features turn this typewriter in a real collectors piece.

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