Historic 1920's American Lettering Machine. Well Preserved

Magnificent Elliott typewriter manufactured in 1920. In good condition and working.



This curious article is an Elliott addressing machine, made in the USA in 1920. It is the forerunner of popular DYMO machines that became so popular in the 1970s and 80s. The machine works by marking numbers and letters so they appear embossed on an adhesive tape, which can be later cut and stuck to the article we desire to personalize. This vintage addressing machine is full of charm and personality, and has come to us in good condition. It works well though it needs adjusting. As well as being a functional piece its careful design and aesthetical detail that it boasts turn it into a very decorative item, fit to stand out in any room or study. Moreover its important size and profusion of pieces and gears reveal a highly interesting article.The addressing machine is made of black-lacquered cast-iron, with silvery metal gears and mobile parts. All the components are original and there is no piece missing. It is easy to operate: you just put the tape in the reel on the right side and slide it under the types that mark the symbols. Then you select a letter or number in the upper disk and swing the lever downwards. This piece will lower the corresponding symbol on the tape. The machine is painted black and its finish is in quite good condition. It is also decorated with slim parallel golden and blue lines that adorn its most visible parts.The disk designed to select the symbols is located at the top of the machine and bears the following inscription: THE ELLIOTT CO. CAMBRIDGE, MASS. Attached to the base of the machine we can also find a nice golden label with volutes all around, bearing an inscription in red capital letters: ELLIOTT ADDRESSING MACHINE CAMBRIDGE, MASS. Both texts tell us that this machine was made in the factory that Sterling Elliott founded in 1909 with his brother Harmon, in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA). Sterling Elliott was an important inventor and businessman who developed a great number of articles between the 19th and 20th centuries. He held more than 125 patents and among his inventions we can find a bicycle for women and the cardboard case to store eggs. He also invented the combustion engines components which are essential for the automotive industry.This beautiful addressing machine is a piece full of history and charm, fit to belong to a great collector of nostalgic devices.Measurements: Width: 450 mm. Height: 400 mm.

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