Beautiful Continental Silent Typewriter. Germany, 1930's. Perfectly Preserved and Functioning.

German typewriter Continental Silenta, 1930's. In perfect condition and working well.



This elegant and well-preserved typewriter is a Continental Silenta, made in Germany in the 1930s. Its good condition draws considerably our attention: the black lacquer that embellishes and protects the cast-iron body is as shiny and polished as the first day, and also are the metal parts. The machine keeps all its original components and works like new. Continental typewriters started being produced in 1904, and the Continental Standard was the first model to be launched. It was made by Wanderer-Fahrradwerke (Siegmar-Schonau, Germany), a machine and cycle manufacturer which after the success of its first typewriter started produced them in mass.In the 1930s the firm launched the Continental Silenta, a totally different machine designed to be an improvement over the Remington Noiseless. Although the Silenta (the typewriter we are looking at) outwardly resembled the Remington Noiseless, internally the design was much simpler, robust and eventually much better made. This pieces outside is really attractive, very simple and highly functional. At the front we can see the models name, CONTINENTAL SILENTA, written in white and green capital letters, simple and elegant. The word CONTINENTAL is also printed over the carriage with the same typography.The keyboard is composed of round pieces with black background (three of them red) and white letters. Both the keys and the metal ring that frames them are in wonderful condition. We can say the same of the rest of this typewriter, that even being more than eighty years old is as good-looking and efficient as when it was originally made. In essence this item is a very original and smart model, with a very modern design for its time and with the added value of being able to be used just like the first day. This Continental Silenta typewriter will surely be a real eye-catcher anywhere.

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