Antique Carl Zeiss Jena Microscope. Germany, Circa 1930

Beautiful Carl Zeis Jenna microscope from the early 20th century and in good working order. With a complete set of eyepieces and objectives. Original mahogany box.



Microscopio Antiguo Carl Zeiss. Alemania, Circa 1930
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Antique Carl Zeiss Jena Microscope. Germany, Circa 1930

Antique Carl Zeiss Jena microscope made in Germany circa 1930, in good working order and quite complete. This amazing surveying instrument comes in its original mahogany wood storing case, also finely preserved, with a set of 3 eyepieces and 3 objectives. Two of the eyepieces are marked Car Zeiss, while the objectives come from different makers though two of them are stored in Zeiss Jena sleeves. The one left is marked Winkel Zeiss and comes in its original sleeve. The microscope mounts a three-lens revolving nosepiece and black-lacquered metal horseshoe foot. The black finis makes a great contrast with the top part, composed of brass and silvery metal pieces. It preserves all its original gears and screws; the rack-and-pinion system moves fluidly and enables a perfect focus of the samples. The turret bears the engraved brand logo with the serial number 55133, and the logo is also marked inside the wooden case.

As fine-looking as evocative, this antique Carl Zeiss Jena microscope will stand out in any study, bookcase or showcase.

Dimensions: Width: 3.93 in / 10 cm. Depth: 5.90 in / 15 cm. Height: 12.99 in / 33 cm.

Carl Zeiss – History

Carl Zeiss is a leading German company which manufactures optic material, surveying and measurement equipment and medical devices. The company started in 1846 when the optician Carl Zeiss opened his first workshop in Jena, Germany. In 1847 he was already manufacturing microscopes full time. In 1861 Zeiss was considered one of the most important microscope makers in Germany; five years later, the workshop sold their 1000th microscope. In 1847 Ernst Abbe and Otto Schott entered the company and designed improved lenses for Zeiss instruments. Carl Zeiss died in 1888 but his company kept on and began to manufacture and sold other items such as cameras. Today, Zeiss is still active as part of three different corporations.

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