36 Stereoscopic Photos. China

Complete set of 36 reprinted stereoscopic photographs with images of China. Some of them colored.



Complete set of 36 cardboard stereoscopic photographs depicting images, scenarios and Chinese customs. The photographs are reproductions of the original plates taken in the early 20th century and remain very well preserved. They are revealed in black-and-white and sepia tones, and some are colored. The images show very different scenes, from groups of people richly dressed in traditional costumes until images of battles, stunning photographs of the Great Wall, crude scenes including the chilling decapitation of a person All types of images whose common denominators are authenticity and realism. The photographs are designed to be watched in a stereoscopic viewer. This collection of stereoscopic photographs of China stands out for its overwhelming reflection of reality, as well as for the beauty of the scenes. Measurements: 9 x 18 mm.

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