La Guerre, 150 plates, 1914-19

Rare personal collection of 150 photographs, by Major Tournassound. World War I.



The 150 artistic photographs which form this magnificent and rare personal collection, with images of the 1st World War and published under the title La Guerre (The War), were taken by Commandant Tournassound, ex-director of the War Photography and Cinematography Service of France. It is a very rare edition and it is complete, and it has also an autograph letter by Marshal Petain as a prologue.The images are of a great quality and they are in good condition. They are published with an index of the images, in English, French and Spanish. The edition has the shape of a book, with a handcrafted paper binding. The book shows slight signs of wear, but the pages and the photographs are in good condition. The historical interest of this document is undeniable, showing images of war prisoners, destroyed cities, trenches, convoys of injured soldiers All kind of scenes that testify to the crudeness and horror of the Great War that terrified Europe in the beginning of the 20th century. Together with the images, some of them incredibly beautiful, the edition also contains an interesting document: the order of general mobilization for the French army.Overall, it is a magnificent collection of wonderful photographs, whose historical value is enhanced by their undeniable artistic quality.

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