Stereoscopic crystals, 1914-18

20 stereoscopic crystals with spectacular images of the 1st World War. Well preserved.



Great collection on twenty stereoscopic glass plates with photographic scenes of the 1st World War. The collection is in good condition, and retains the sepia tone typical of vintage images, which lends them a very special and nostalgic charm. The plates are kept in their original paper-covered cardboard box, with a printed foil on the cover. On it we can read a series of indications about the development of the images, the exposition times and the address of the place where they were originally purchased. On the cover we can also see the name of the company which published the collection, LE DRAGON, and it also says that is a set of GAMMA plates. Into the box we find a set of 20 plates, each one with two stereoscopic images. The plates are designed to be viewed with a stereoscope, a device that creates a visual effect by means of which the viewer can see the images in 3D. The scenes are a faithful testimony of the 1st World War, and they show the artillery squads, victory parades, scenes in the battlefield, the trenches Unique images that show the ambient in the days of war. Each plate is hand-written in French, indicating the event that appears in the scene, the place where it happened, the number of the photograph and the year. This set of stereoscopic glass plates is an item of great interest, both historical and artistic, which will delight any person with an interest on contemporary history and any lover of unique antique pieces. Plate measurements: 60 mm height x 130 mm width.

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