Antique Lot of 61 Stereoscopic Plates, size 6x13 on Glass. Switzerland, Circa 1900

Lot of 61 stereoscopic plates. 6x 13 cms. 20th century PPs with family images taken in Switzerland.



Striking set of 61 stereoscopic glass plates made in the early 20th century. The plates remain in wonderful condition in spite of being so fragile, and they can still be watched with a proper stereoscopic viewer. The black-and-white images show family scenes taken in Switzerland, probably during a travel or on holidays. They show impressive Alpine scenarios, great lakes, boats, picturesque cities and villages, Alpine roads Many of them show people posing in front of iconic settings: men, women and children, alone or in groups. Some plates bear handwritten notes with the photo number or the portrayed place. The plates are divided in four collections; each collection comes in its original cardboard box with turn-of-the-century labels. Nostalgic and special, these photographic plates are a magnificent and lovely testimony of the trace of time. Measurements: 6 x 13 mm.

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