Album with 100 German Vintage Postcards of the 1st World War, Completely Original.

Exclusive collection of German postcards from the World War I years.



Exclusive and rare collection containing a hundred German postcards from the years of the 1st World War, which are kept into an album dating from the same age. The postcards are a hundred per cent originals, and they have a great historical and evocative value. Some of them were used and they have postmarks dated between 1914 and 1918. The images of the postcards are all photographs of groups of people forming part of German regiments of the 1st World War, and some of them show patriotic themes. On them we can see the complete regiments posing in front of the camera and wearing campaign uniforms, but in some of them the men wear full-dress uniforms, and others show more reduced groups. One of the images even shows a group soldiers bathing in a river and dressed with swimming-trunks, while in other we can see a group of soldiers accompanied by women. These postcards are a real and faithful testimony of life in German quarters during the 1st World War, and they show us how uniforms, hair and clothes were like in those times. It is a charming vintage set, which will be the perfect present or purchase for any person interested in antiques and contemporary history. Album measurements: 125 mm height x 210 mm width.

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