36 Stereoscopic Photos. China

Collection of 36 beautiful reprints of stereoscopic images of China from antique originals.



Striking collection of 36 cardboard stereoscopic photographs, in very good condition and with evocative and authentic images. The photos are reproductions of originals taken in the early 20th century and show scenes, portraits and events that reflect the traditional China of the period. They are black-and-white and sepia-toned photographs full of charm and beauty, but some of them are overwhelming too such as the one showing a man surrounded by severed heads. Other less-chilling images show people richly dressed in traditional costumes, boats sailing through a river, an old woman carrying a baby over her shoulder, an old gentleman sitting in a serious and formal pose They are images of ancient times that reflect scenes full of life and authenticity. Historic and fascinating, these stereoscopic photographs with scenes of ancient China make up a piece worthy of the best collection. Measurements: 9 x 18 mm.

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