Personal Collection of 60 Photographs, Legion Condor, World War II.

Collection of 60 photographs of a soldier of the Condor Legion during World War II.



Exclusive personal collection of sixty photographs, belonging to a soldier of the Legion Condor during the 2nd World War. This incredible document shows images of the soldiers private life in different moments of daily life, in his wedding and of his family, but it also contains war photographs, probably of the soldiers in the East Front (Russia). The photographs are original copies of that age. Among the images there are home and family scenes, but others are impressive photos of military life, and some are really imposing, like the ones showing the Nazi soldiers tombs with the swastika and the helmets over the crosses. It is a really unique set of photographs, all of them in evocative sepia tones, which testify to the German soldiers way of life when they were at the front, and which has an undeniable historical value. The Condor Legion was a unit composed of volunteers that Hitler sent to serve the Nationalist army of Franco during the Spanish Civil War. The idea of Hitler, which was suggested by Göring, was to test the German aircrafts in a conventional war. Eventually, the presence of the Condor Legion was one of the keys of the Nationalist victory. This set of photographs is a faithful testimony of those dark years in the 20th century, and it is perfect to belong to the most ambitious collection of war antiques, and also to the most exhaustive files about contemporary Europe.

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