24 World War I Photos

Stupendous collection of twenty-four stereoscopic images on glass of the First World War.



This great collection of 24 stereoscopic glass plates with images of the 1st World War is a document with great historic value, which is also full of nostalgic charm. The collection is in good condition and it is kept in its original case, made of paper-covered cardboard. The plates show spectacular images of the battlefields, the tanks, the trenches, the razed villages The photos are sepia-toned and show events which happened in the 1st World War, with all the crudeness and reality. From a scene of a shot-down German plane, to some photographs showing trenches in Verdun (France) or pits with corpses, the detailed images have not lost a bit of interest or historical value with the years. The cardboard box which houses them has a printed foil on the cover, written in French and which says that they are GAMMA plates, brand LE DRAGON. It also gives instructions of how to print the images and shows the ideal formula to develop them. Finally, the address of the shop where they were acquired appears in the text too. Overall, this set of stereoscopic glass plates is a really valuable find: the perfect acquisition for any lover of war antiques, and also a valuable testimony of Europes recent past. Plate measurements: 60 mm height x 130 mm width.

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