41 Stereoviews 45x107. World War I. France, Circa 1914

Complete collection of 41 stereoscopic photographs on glass plates. World War I. With terrible images of war scenarios.



Antique collection of 41 stereoscopic 45x107 photographs of World War I, coming from France and taken circa 1914. This amazing black-and-white and sepia-colored images portrait battlefield scenes, ruins of cities and bombed villages. The photo plates are in excellent condition and bear the handwriting name of the portrayed place or scene. We can see images of trenches, desert roads, striking ruins of churches, devastated cities and collapsed buildings; terrible scenarios full of the rubble caused by the bombs. Some of them show corpses, nurses, soldiers, military trucks and horses, providing a raw and accurate view of the battlefield reality. This collection of 41 45x107 stereoscopic photographs taken during World War I is a chilling testimony of one of the most important contents of contemporary history. An exclusive collectors piece.

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