Collection of Stereoscopic Photographs of the First World War, 6 x 13 cms. France

24 photographs on stereoscopic glass with scenes of the 1st World War. In the original box.



Interesting collection of twenty-four glass plates, with stereoscopic images depicting scenes of the 1st World Ward in different places of France. The plates are in good condition and are kept in their original cardboard box. The images, sepia-toned, are all labeled and named in French, an so we can identify the event and the place where it happened. The undeniable historical value of this image goes together with their interest and antique charm. The plates show imposing images of destroyed German tanks, soldiers posing with war machinery, the fight in the trenches Unique documents that show the crudity of war from the frontline. The stereoscopic plates are made to be seen with a stereoscope. The contemplation of the two parallel images from certain distance generates an optic illusion, thanks to which we can see the image in 3D. The glass plates are kept in their original paper-covered cardboard box. On the cover there is a printed foil with information about the content. The collection is formed by 24 GAMMA plates by French brand LE DRAGON, and we can also read the ideal formula for developing them and the exposition times. The address of the shop where the set was originally purchased is also printed on the foil. This wonderful collection of stereoscopic war images is undoubtedly an exclusive and original set, a whole memory file about one of the most important events of the 20th century, and which will surely delight any lover of war antiques and contemporary history. Plates measurements: 60 mm height x 130 mm width.

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