Collection of 19 Stereoscopic Plates 6x13. Circa 1920

Antique collection of stereoscopic plates for private use. Landscapes and interiors taken in travels. In very good condition.



Nostalgic collection of 19 6x13 stereoscopic plates made circa 1920, in their original cardboard box and in fine condition. The glass plates portray images of different places, both landscapes and interiors. They were taken for private use, probably during one or more travels. The box bears the handwritten word ROMA in black ink and big letters; we can also see the strikethrough name Marruecos (Morocco). This means that we cannot say which place the photographs were taken in. One of the plates show a patio in an Arab-style building with slim columns, pointed arches and a delicate fountain; other pictures were taken in houses or show workmen doing their daily tasks, beaches and sea scenes, country landscapes and groups of people. The plates preserve an undeniable nostalgic charm, portraying scenes of life taken in different spaces in the early 20th century. This collection of 19 6x13 stereoscopic plates is a turn-of-the-century jewel which preserves all its power of seduction.

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