Antique English Solid-Silver Pocket Watch Chain. England, 19th Century

Original antique solid-silver pocket watch chain. Beautiful design. With winding key.

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Antique solid-silver pocket watch chain, made in England in the 19th century and in fine condition. This great-looking chain stands out for its original design, with four rectangular pieces connected by chains. The design boasts a very contemporary style, quite surprising un such an ancient piece. At one end, the chain is connected to a small winding key; the key bears the inscription NEININGER GLOUCESTER. At the other end there is a silver snap clip for the watch. We can also see a slim cylindrical bar which hangs from one of the chains links, designed to connect the chain to the outfit. This elegant antique English solid-silver pocket watch chain still preserves its great attractive being also a fully functional piece. Dimensions: Length: 12.6 in / 32 cm. Weight: 27.7 g.

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