Gold Plated Pocket Watch. Mid 20th Century. Very Well Preserved

Fine gold plated pocket watch. 1920's. In very good condition and working.



This smart gold-plated pocket watch is highly remarkable because of its excellent condition and good working order. Its movement has been fully revised and both the box and the caps are very well preserved. This model was probable made in eh 1950s and has survived to out days in really good condition. The watch bears a subtle and discreet decoration both in the front and the rear cap, composed of a bunch of lines that emerge from a bottom point and fan out simulating the sunrays at dawn or sunset.Inside this cap we can see the boxs serial number 5850176 with an inscription indicating that this watch was made by Elgin. There is also an engraving depicting a statue of a standing rower. The Elgin Watch Company was founded in 1864 in Elgin, Illinoise (USA) under the name of National Watch Company. The citys name was added in 1884 and in the end, the firm was just known under this name. This company was one of the most important watchmakers of the US and kept producing pieces until the 1960s.The front cap bears a flat shield designed to engrave the owners initials. Inside the dust cap we can see the same serial number together with an inscription indicating that the case is guaranteed to wear 10 years. If we lift the cap we will reach the complex and delicate movement, made in Switzerland and in greatly working order. The crown that surrounds the movement and belongs to the watchs box also bears the serial number engraved in the gold-plated metal.This fine watch is an elegant and functional item, fit to stand out anywhere. It is the perfect piece to crown any stylish gentlemans garment.Measurements: Width: 51 mm. Height (with crown and ring): 62 mm.

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