Swiss Solid Silver Pocket Watch, Manufactured in Switzerland in the 19th Century. Carved and Functioning.

Beautiful Swiss silver watch made in Switzerland in the 19th century. Hand carved decoration. Working.



This fine and elegant pocket watch is made of solid silver, with fire-gilt parts and hand-engraved decoration. It was made in Switzerland in the 19th century and is in excellent condition. Its movement has been fully cleaned and adjusted so the watch works perfectly. It comes with a nice chain with an ending decorated with two semiprecious stones. The watch exudes elegance and style, being a wonderful accessory and a striking antique. Its rear cap is hand-engraved with vegetal-inspired motives: a network of leaves, stems and flowers framing a flat shield designed to contain the owners engraved initials or maybe a dedicatory.The watchs face is framed by a fire-gilt silver box, and the crown and ring are also fire-gilt. Over the face we can see a hallmark, just in the piece that connects the crown and the watchs box; this mark guarantees the quality of the silver the box is made of. The face has black Arab numbers, secondary hand and copper-colored filigree hands. If we lift the rear cap, inside we will find a series of marks: a hallmark depicting a crown and a moon, a circle containing a Greek cross and the inscription BULLA, a mark in the shape of a capercaillie (indicating the watch was made in Switzerland) and an inscription with the silver content: 0,800. The watchs serial number is also engraved in the metal: 544205.Under this cap rests de dustcap, with its outside surface showing an elegant inscription that reads Hans Bauer Zirndorf. This is probably the name of the watchs original owner. Inside this cap we can see again the serial number together with the inscription CUIVRE (copper) and an F-shaped hallmark. Inside the box, the watchs beautiful movement boasts an excellent precision and a magnificent condition.This exceptional pocket watch will be the best gift for any gentleman who can appreciate the most special accessories.Measurements: Height (with crown and ring): 59 mm. Width: 46 mm.

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