Omega Luxury Clock made in Solid Silver in 1901. Very Well Preserved and Functioning

Magnificent solid silver Omega watch, made in 1901. In perfect working order.



This stunning antique watch is a real jewel in its field: it is an Omega watch made of solid silver in 1901. It is not only valuable because of the manufacturers prestige and the noble metal it is made of, but also because it is a classy antique more than one hundred years old. The watch is made of solid silver with some delicate gold-plated parts. It has a hallmark just below the crown that guarantees the quality of the metal use to manufacture it. As well as its intrinsic value, this items simple and smart design turns it into an exclusive and luxury piece.Omega, the firm that manufactured this ancient pocket watch, is a company of reference in the field of luxury watchmaking. It is a Swiss company founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt from La Chaux-de-Fonds. From its humble origins till now Omegas career has been explosive: its watches were chosen by British and American armies to be their official chronometers and were also part of the equipment used by the first men on the Moon in 1969. Omega is currently a subsidiary firm of The Swatch Group. This watchs beautiful face bears the brands name printed at the top.The face bears black Arab numbers and second hand, and is embellished by tiny golden metal points that symbolize the minutes. The rear cap has an elegant shield in the center framed by a nice flowery crown. This element is intended to house the owners engraved initials. It we open the cap inside we will find different hallmarks and stamps that guarantee the metals quality and authenticity. The brands name and the serial number 1941968 are also engraved in the metal. The dustcap is decorated with an engraved motive depicting five medals and an inscription: OMEGA GRAND PRIX PARIS 1900. It has also its corresponding hallmarks and serial number inside.This is a magnificent Omega watch in a luxury item, in very good condition and working like new. It is surely intended to belong to somebody who can appreciate things such as beauty and antiques.Measurements: Width: 53 mm. Including the crown and ring: 64 mm.

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