24-Hour Pocket Watch, 1910

24 hour pocket watch made in 1910. Collector's item in perfect working order.



Original twenty-four hour watch of Swiss provenance, made in 1910. This type of watches are also known as miner's watches or North Pole watches, as they are designed to be used in places where darkness lasts all day long. The dial of these devices shows the twenty-four numbers of the hours of the day, being able to discern without a doubt if we are at a certain time of the day or night. This is a very rare and special type of watch that will undoubtedly be valued as it deserves by collectors of pocket watches. The watch case is made of white metal, which shows an attractive darkened patina that gives it a great nobility and aesthetic interest. The watch has no front cover, showing directly the white dial that is preserved in excellent condition, as well as the crystal that protects it. As noted above, the dial shows the twenty-four numbers in black, being marked those corresponding to the second half of the day (from two o'clock in the afternoon) with a series of small red figures that indicate the numbers from one to twelve with which the hours are usually mentioned. The watch also has a seconds hand at the bottom, and the classic outer crown indicating the minutes. The word Chronometer is printed on the upper part of the dial.If we lift the back cover, on its inner side we will discover a stamp with the letter A, the inscription REGENCE STYLE and the serial number 299315. The number 11 is also engraved on the stamp. The dust cover also shows a series of inscriptions engraved in different elegant font styles, detailing the characteristics of the watch's machinery and the number of gems (15 rubies) included. Under this layer appears the said machinery, in a very good state of preservation and showing a beautiful design in golden and silvered metal.The rarity and originality of this magnificent watch, as well as its excellent performance, will undoubtedly attract the attention of the most ambitious collector.Measurements: Height: 66 mm. Width: 52 mm.

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