Silver and Enamel Clock, 1883.

Beautiful silver and enamel pocket watch, Farringdon H. England, 1883. In working order.



Exclusive solid silver pocket watch with hallmarks and enameled rear cap. This is a lovely item made in Birmingham, England, in 1883. The watch is a Farringdon H and was made by one of the subsidiary firms (depots) that the US Waltham Watch Company had in the United Kingdom. This is a very special piece because of its beautiful enameled design and its precise and elegant movement. The watch comes with the original small winding key and has several hallmarks that indicate the place and date of manufacturing and the quality of the silver box.In the face we can see the name of the model printed in black lettering, FARRINGDON H, still legible but slightly washed out. The name Farringdon corresponds to a series of watches that Waltham produced in the United Kingdom through Waltham Depots. The watchmaker company, also known as American Waltham Watch Co. and American Watch Co., produced around 40 million watches, speedometers, compasses and other precision items. It was founded in 1850 and ceased its activity in 1957. This particular watch has an anchor-shaped hallmark that indicates it was made in Birmingham.The front cap is made of glass and lets us see the white face, with Roman numbers and secondary hand. But what mostly demands our attention is the wonderful decoration that enhances the rear cap, with a colorful enameled rosette pattern inlaid. Inside this cap we find the mentioned hallmark with the lion purity mark and a stamp with the initials A. B. This stands for Alfred Bedford, who was the manager of the Waltham Watch Co., Holborn Circus, London. Finally, the movement is also beautiful and precise and has the serial number 3366053 engraved in the metal together with the name of the model and the manufacturing company.Elegant and antique, this pocket watch is an exclusive piece worthy to belong to a great collector or to a lover of the most beautiful precise items.Measurements: Width: 52 mm. Height (with crown and ring): 62 mm.

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