Omega Silver Clock, 1920

Beautiful Omega pocket watch in solid silver. Year 1920, in perfect working order.



Smart Omega pocket watch made in Switzerland in 1920. This watch is made of solid silver with gold-plated parts, and is a beautiful piece and also a fully functional item. The watch works perfectly and has been revised and adjusted, remaining in good condition. The silver box has hallmarks and is signed, something that testifies for the quality and authenticity of this magnificent piece. The watch has no front cap and the lovely white face is exposed under the glass. It has black Arab numbers, delicate copper filigree hands and a secondary hand too. The face has the name OMEGA printed in the elegant cursive capital letters that can be seen in many models of the brand.Omega is a symbol of Swiss precision in the field of watch manufacturing. The brands history started when Louis Brandt opened a small watch distribution office in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland) in 1848. From then and over 19th and 20th centuries Omega watches have been present in great moments of Human History: for example, they were chosen by the NASA to be worn by the first men on the moon. Currently Omega is a part of Swatch Group. This particular pocket watch is surely a nice Omega design, with its rear cap engraved with a classic net decorative motive and a central flat shield designed to be engraved with the owners initials.If we lift the mentioned cap, inside we will find the engraved logo and name of the brand together with some hallmarks and serial number 1450781. The same elements can be seen inside the dustcap. Under this piece the delicate movement rests, boasting its delicate parts and components and a nice decorative detail engraved in the metal. Last but not least, in the piece that joins the box with the crown and the ring we can see another hallmark that guarantees the quality and origin of the silver this nice watch is made of.This Omega pocket watch is a real classic, perfect to adorn a smart gentlemans garment or to become part of the best collection of vintage watches.Measurements: Diameter: 47 mm. Height (with crown and ring): 57 mm.

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