Rare Junghans Pocket Alarm Clock. 1920s. Functioning and Signed

Precious Junghans pocket alarm clock, made in the 20s of the twentieth century. Working well.



This elegant Junghans pocket watch, made in Germany in the 1920s, can also be used as an alarm clock. Made of blued metal, its white face bears big numbers that still keep part of the original phosphorescent paint. This paint let the user know the hour even at night, as this watch was very probably designed to be used as an alarm clock by travelling salesmen. The face has also a secondary hand and is framed by a golden metal ring. In essence, this is a very special pocket watch that has been fully revised and adjusted so it works like new.The logo and brand name, Junghans, are engraved in the movement. Junghans is currently Germanys largest watch and clock manufacturer, and was founded in 1861 by Erhandr Jungans together with his brother-in-law, Jakob Zeller-Tobler. Nowadays this brand is a reference because of its great-looking designs and accurate movements. The logo that is usually engraved or printed on their watches and clocks is an eight-pointed star with the brand name inside and a bigger J.In this case, as well as the mentioned logo in the movement we can see some engraved German inscriptions intended to help the user program the alarm clock. They are performed in an elegant calligraphy. Inside the rear cap we can also see the serial number 0891877. Otherwise, the blued metal the box and rear cap are made of is in good condition and so are the crown and ring, made of golden metal. The contrast between the dark and matt texture and the bright and shiny one is a detail that provides this elegant watchs design with beauty and character.This alarm pocket watch will surely delight any lovers and collectors of vintage watches thanks to its original and great-looking design.Measurements: Diam.: 50 mm. Height (with crown and ring): 64 mm.

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