Swiss Gold Watch, 19th Century.

Valuable Swiss pocket watch in solid 14K gold. Year 1870, working and in its original case.



Impressive Swiss pocket watch made in 1870. This watch is made of 14 K solid gold. It comes in its original vintage case and is in perfect working order and great condition too. The watch has several 14K hallmarks. It has front and rear caps and a dustcap.The front cap is decorated with a concentric net design, typical of this kind of watches. In the center we can see a flat shield designed to be engraved with the owners initials. If we open the cap we will see the watchs beautiful face, white in color and with black Arab numbers. It also contains a second hand. The two main hands are composed of extremely slim metal volutes that create a lovely design. Inside the front cap we can see some hallmarks: one with the inscription 14K and another one depicting a rabbit or hare in profile. Just below we can see the number 324.If we turn the watch we will discover that the rear cap is embellished with the same net decoration of the front one. Inside this cap we can see the same contrasts again, plus the items serial number: 279324. These inscriptions are also engraved inside the dustcap that protects the delicate inner movement that has been revised and adjusted for its perfect working. The watch comes in its original case, lined inside with luxurious dark red satin that increases the articles beauty.This pocket watch in its original case can be the best gift for any lover of the most especial antiques and jewels.Measurements: Width: 630 mm. Height (with crown and ring): 490 mm.

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