Beautiful Swiss Omega Watch, Circa 1923. Profusely Engraved. Perfectly Functioning

Omega pocket watch, circa 1923. Of great beauty and perfectly preserved. Working



Striking Swiss Omega pocket watch made around 1923. This is a real collectors item by one of the most popular and prestigious watchmaking companies in the world. Omega watches are real icons of the 20th century and have been worn by illustrious figures such as John Fitzgerald Kennedy or Buzz Aldrin. The fictional character James Bond has worn an Omega in his last films too. Curiously enough, an Omega was the first watch on the Moon in 1969. The firm was founded by Louis Brandt (not yet under Omega name) in 1848, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. After his death he was succeeded by his sons Louis-Paul and Cesar. In 1894 they launched famous 19-caliber (best known as Omega caliber), that would ensure the brands marketing success. Nowadays Omega is part of powerful Swiss Swatch group.The watch has no front cap and its box is made of golden metal, fully decorated with fine engravings. The face is white with black Arabic number and a subsidiary second hand. The needles are straight and slim, made of black metal with a delicate reddish tone. The watch keeps also its elegant chain to hang it from the waistcoat. The chain has a hallmark with a W in one of its links. The rear cap is decorated with an engraving depicting two men playing hockey in a leafy garden. To the left, just under the feet that the second player is lifting, we can see a small inscription: HUGUENIN DEP.If we lift this cap we will see the fine movement that brings this beautiful watch to life. It is signed with the brands name, Omega, and bears the serial number 6901019 indicating that it was made between 1923 and 1925. The movement keeps all its original components and gears, and has been fully checked in order to ensure its perfect operation. Beside one of the screws that attach the movement to the box we can see a small lever with the letters F-S (Fast-Slow) and A-R (Advance-Retard). This pocket watch is a real collectors item, highly beautiful and functional, that will surely be one of the stars in the collection of the keenest lover of antique watches.Measurements: Width: 50 mm. Height: 62 mm

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