English Solid-Silver Pocket Watch Chain. Birmingham, 1950

Simple and fine solid-silver pocket watch chain. With hallmarks and commemorative inscription.



Simple antique English solid-silver pocket watch chain, made in Birmingham in 1950 and in good condition. The chain shows off a simple and elegant design: a single string of thick links trimmed by a bar (to connect it to the outfit) and a snap clip (for the watch). At one end we can see a silver piece depicting a dartboard. At the back we can see some hallmarks, including the one for Birmingham silver pieces (an anchor) and an A for 1950. Over the hallmarks there is a hand-engraved inscription: LEAGUE DIVISION I WINNERS 1952-3. This could mean that the chain was forged to commemorate a victory in a dart competition; probably, each one of the team members got one. Original and with a history behind, this antique English solid-silver pocket watch chain is a piece with an undeniable charm. Dimensions: Length: 15 in / 38 cm. Weight: 26.8 in.

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