Antique Gold Minute-Repeater Pocket Watch + Chronometer. Switzerland, Circa 1910

Beautiful 14K solid gold pocket watch with repeater and chronometer. Made in Switzerland. In fine working order.

3 750,00 €

-350,00 €

3 400,00 €


Antique gold minute-repeater pocket watch with chronometer, made in Switzerland circa 1910 and in excellent condition and working order. The watch in mounted in a 14K solid gold casing and is an attractive and functional item. It was made in Switzerland for the German market and stands out for its elegant design. The front cap bears an engraved decoration of fan-shaped rays starting at an oval medallion with two initials, probably corresponding to the first owner. The rear cap is similar but has no medallion. Under this cap we find a gorgeous dustcap with the engraved medals of different prizes awarded to the manufacturers. The caps also bear a wide array of hallmarks and symbols which testify for the origin and the quality of the gold they are made of. The dial is white and combines black and red numerals for the hours and the minutes, with gilt metal Louis-XV style hands. This antique gold minute-repeating pocket watch with chronometer is a charismatic and beautiful item, in working order and with a timeless design. Dimensions: Diameter: 58 mm. Weight: 104 g.

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