Antique Silver Verge-Fusee Automaton Pocket Watch. Joseph White. London, 1886

Striking antique verge-fusee pocket watch. With double case and hallmarks. Automaton dial.



Antique silver verge-fusee automaton pocket watch, made in London in 1886 and in good condition. The watch works fine and the mills blades move, providing the design with a very special charm. It has wound-and-key movement; a non-original key is provided. The double case is entirely made of solid silver, with hallmarks in different places. We can see a shield and an L, corresponding to the city of London and the year 1886. The cases are 59 and 52 mm in diameter, respectively. Verge-fusee watches stopped being made around that year, so this model could be one of the last ones ever made. The white porcelain dial is decorated with a delicate hand-painted colorful rural landscape. It is finely preserved and has black Roman numerals. The mill appears in the center of the secondary dial, and the blades mark the seconds. The brass movement is also gorgeous and bears the signature of J. White, a watchmaker who lived from 1836 to 1906. The signature is engraved by hand with a beautiful cursive lettering. We can also see the serial number 20508. Inside the outer cap we find the original distributors label, a white red paper piece with the information printed in different types of lettering. This antique silver verge-fusee automaton pocket watch is an exclusive piece, full of charm and in excellent working order. Dimensions: Outer Case: 59 mm. Case: 52 mm.

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