Elegant Chinese Porcelain Bowl with Wan Li Mark and Handmade Decoration.

Beautiful Chinese porcelain bowl decorated by hand. In good condition and with Wan Li mark on the base.



This is a beautiful and delicate Chinese porcelain bowl, shaped like a lotus flower, hand decorated with subtle color motifs. As well as because of the inner beauty of the decoration, this piece is also remarkable for its good condition: the bowl shows no cracks, hairlines or dents. The white porcelain is of a high quality and the decorative patterns are performed in different colors. The cobalt blue color typical of Chinese porcelains was used to draw the vegetal-inspired motives at the base and the inside. The inner central drawing is surrounded by lovely designs depicting butterflies painted in full color.The mentioned butterflies are skillfully performed and boast a free drawing style with different shapes and sizes. They are scattered freely over the white background, and provide a sense of movement, balance and harmony. The bowls edge, wavy in shape, is also embellished with a slim touch of shiny golden paint.The base of the bowl is marked with Wan Li mark (1573-1619)The base of the bowl bears the mark of Wan Li (1573-1619) in blue, and beneath the glaze of the piece. The mark is surrounded by a circle of the same color and consists of six handmade ideograms that are protected by the post-glazed bowl decoration. Surely the bowl is manufactured after the brand. We can date it around 1900.Measurements: Width: 200 mm. Height: 55 mm.

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