Chinese Porcelain Vase, S. XVIII

Beautiful Chinese porcelain vase hand painted. Eighteenth century, Qianlong mark and in perfect condition.



Striking Chinese porcelain vase with colorful embossed hand-painted decoration. This vase is an antique piece with marks from the 18th century that is in perfect condition. The immaculate white porcelain shows off a profusely decorated surface with soft embossed and engraved motives with different shapes. These motives have been painted by hand with a great display of subtle colors that turn this vase into an especially decorative piece. At the necks base, the porcelain has been molded in the shape of two thick rings that have been painted gold and provide the vase with a very original touch.It we turn the vase upside down we will discover the blue hand-painted Qianlong mark, delicately performed and protected under the porcelain glaze. This mark was used during Emperor Qianlongs reign who ruled over China from 1725 to 1796. The emperor was succeeded by his song Jiaqing after abdicating in his favor. Although very antique, this vase has survived to our days in amazing conditions, showing no flaws or dents and with its colorful decoration shining with magnificence.The mentioned decoration is divided in various sections all over the vase; all of them are delicately organized so the make up a singularly balanced finish. The small turquoise base bears a dark blue fringe composed of mountains and suns, and just over it we can see another fringe with triangular yellow shapes decorated with blue flowers. The vases convex body has a nice decoration with soft-colored flowers and abstract designs on a white background. The neck, from the base to the mouth, is embellished with different fringes that combine many colors: turquoise, pink, purple, yellow, green and blue. On the other hand, as stated before the two embossed rings are painted in a nice gold tone.This lovely vases aesthetical and decorative power, together with its ancient age and amazing condition, turn it into an exclusive and original piece. Measurements: Width: 130 mm. Height: 200 mm.

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