Large Oriental Vase, S. XIX

Important oriental vase, made in the 19th century. Design of harmonious proportions.



Curious and fine oriental silver plated vase which dates from the 19th century. It is a remarkable piece for various reasons: on one hand, because of its big size; and on the other, because of its detailed and original design. The vase has two big symmetrical handles and was very probably bound to be used as a flowerpot container, as it is quite big. It is a very well preserved item. It keeps all its parts and looks as decorative as when it was originally made, preserving and undeniable charm that turns it into the perfect piece to decorate a bright and smart living room.As for its decoration, this vase is a quite complex piece. It has circular base and mouth, narrower than the convex central part. The base is a delicate oriental-inspired filigree work, with a series of nice vegetal motives engraved in the metal. The mouth has a thick cylindrical edge, also embellished with engraved fig leaves and bunches of grapes. This decoration appears all over the piece; also in the handles, whose design is very remarkable. They are composed of metal elements in the shape of fig stems from with small leaves and bunches of grapes grow. The handles seem to be formed by pieces of this kind of stems, tied with slim engraved ropes.This design, with its rustic and naturalistic style, makes a great contrast with the classical-inspired vase. The central part bears the most detailed decoration of the whole piece: an oval motive deeply engraved in the metal. It depicts a charming scene with a couple of birds and their chicks sitting on the branches of a vine. The lively scene is performed with highly attention to detail and turns this vase into a very decorative piece.This great antique vase is bound to decorate a lovely corner located in the balcony or living room of the most stylish home.Measurements: Width: 340 mm. Height: 300 mm.

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