Antique Chinese Porcelain Fountain Beautifully Decorated. XIX-XX Century.

Beautiful Chinese hand painted porcelain platter. Qing Dynasty, circa 1900. In very good condition.



This delicate artisanal porcelain piece is a tray or serving dish made in China in the late 10th century or early 20th century. It is an antique article that nevertheless has survived to our days in very good condition and looks as beautiful as when it was originally made. The dish is very decorative, being made of white porcelain profusely decorated with colorful hand-painted motives. The edge is embellished with a touch of dark golden ochre enamel that provides the dish with balance and class. The porcelain is well preserved and the colorful paintings stand out lively as if they had just been painted yesterday.The time when this porcelain dish was made corresponds to the last period of the Qing Dynasty. This dynasty was the last imperial one of China, ruling from 1644 to 1912, when the last emperor abdicated. During these centuries the Chinese country started to form the nation that we currently know. The arts and crafts also experienced an enormous development and this particular piece is a good example of their quality.The porcelains base shows the classical furnace mark: an ochre dye due to the heat generated in the furnace during the firing process. The decoration shows different hand-painted flowers and animals with a wide range of colors. Among the motives we can see a bird of paradise, and some butterflies, as well as different flowers. The most used color is the green of the leaves, but other colors such as pink, yellow, orange, black and blue also stand out. The motives are painted with free and precise strokes that reveal the work of an excellent artist. The slim black strokes that surround the shapes make the colors shine and provide the motives with depth and realism.This wonderful dish is a delicate piece bound to shine in the best collection of oriental porcelain.Measurements: Width: 10.6 in/27 cm. Height: 9.2 in/23.5 cm.

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