Beautiful Chinese Hand Painted Porcelain Vase. No Defects. Yongzhen Brand.

Chinese porcelain vase hand painted, very well preserved. With Yongzhen mark on the base.



Smart fine Chinese white porcelain vase, stylized and painted by hand with subtle pastel tones. This vase is a especially beautiful piece because of its harmonious shape and its balanced decoration. In essence it is a highly decorative item with the classic nice look typical of antique Chinese porcelain. The painted decoration is composed by a number of scenes all of them part of a general picture with female figures dressed in traditional clothes, performing different tasks. The motives are painted with subtle and soft tones, mainly brown, green and blue.We can see some green and brown tables painted on the porcelain, and the women talk or draw on them. On some tables we can see different functional or decorative articles. The women who rest, have fun or work on the tables or by their side are accompanied by other smaller figures which seem to be playing and/or serving them. As stated before, the necks base is a particularly beautiful part of the vase thanks to its nice decoration: as well as a lovely fringe with flowers and butterflies it is also embellished with relief porcelain dragons or salamanders that jut out of the flat surface, creating and original and remarkable detail.Just over the vases belly, its neck stretches up until it becomes the mouth that opens to finish a beautiful silhouette. The necks decoration is not so profuse and shows only two small figures on a group of clouds and a charming landscape. The vase is also decorated with red bats scattered all over its surface; the bat is a symbol of good fortune in Chinese tradition. When a piece is decorated with five bats it symbolizes the coming of the five fortunes. The vase has the blue Yongzhen mark (1723-1735) at the base, under the shiny glaze. Yongzhen was the fourth emperor of Qing Dynasty and the third in ruling over all China.Measurements: Width: 230 mm. Height: 440 mm.

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