Chinese Carved Porcelain Brush Jar. Work of Wang Bingrong, Circa 1890.

Delicate Chinese white porcelain carved pot. Made by Wang Bingrong, Circa 1890.



This delicate pencil container is a good example of the art of carving porcelain that was usually performed by the great Chinese artist Wang Bingrong. The piece was made around 1890 by the master, whose works are really appreciated because of their beautiful making, originality and delicacy. Wang Bingrong worked between 1862 and 1908 using a curious technique known as porcelain carving. Bingrong created the motives that decorate the white surface by carving the porcelain as if it were stone or wood. The artist started carving bamboo pieces and afterwards he transferred his technique to the decoration of porcelain, a field in which he has not been overcome yet. The beauty and accuracy of Wang Bingrongs carved porcelains has turned them into unique and highly sought-after pieces.This lovely pencil holder is in impeccable condition. The white porcelain it is made of is shiny and regular, and the outside of the piece bears an embossed scene where we can see two Chinese mythological animals: an imperial dragon and a goldfish (koi). The fish is coming out of the waves that decorate part of the pieces base, while the dragon is suspended in the air, just in front of the fish. The dragon is pouring a great volume of water that comes out of its mouth and becomes the sea where the fish lives. This is a typical feature of Chinese dragons, as they are supposed to be masters of water. In this scene the beast has five fingers in each claw, becoming a symbol of good fortune.The carved images are delicately embossed and create accurate and firm shapes which provide the decoration with high dynamism and great expressiveness. The water that comes from the dragons mouth seems to be strong and powerful and makes lovely moving waves. Both animals, goldfish and dragon, are expressive and vivid and look very spontaneous. At the pieces base we can see the authors signature in the shape of a stamp with ideograms. This provides the item with even more interest and value.This wonderful pencil holder is a real luxury item, a work of art made of carved porcelain that will embellish the most elegant desk with its unique presence.Measurements: Width: 90 mm. Height: 130 mm.

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