Japanese Netsuke, Circa 1900

Small Japanese netsuke full of grace and delicacy. Circa 1900. Hand carved on ivory.



Small and charming Japanese netsuke made of oxbone circa 1900. The carving is fine and accurate, with a lot of reliefs and details. This item depicts a kind old man dressed in a kimono and carrying a big bag on his back. He has a shaved head and a solid gold ring around his neck, remains of an ancient pendant. His face is happy and relaxed, with slim wrinkles that talk about his ancient age but also due to his nice smile.Nestukes are accessories designed to hang the sagemono (small bag or box to carry the personal belongings) from the obi or kimonos belt. This piece hang from a strap or cord, and the netsuke was intended to tie this strap in order not to let the sagemono fall to the ground. Though in the beginning netsukes were only practical accessories, with the trace of tine they evolved until they became real jewels of Japanese carving art. In this case we are looking at a really ancient netsuke, more than one hundred years old and in very good conditions. It is a valuable piece because of its ancient age, its beautiful making and its balanced proportions.The small figure boasts a series of well-balanced reliefs that provide it with great realism. From the old mans naked prominent belly to the bags that hang on his back, there are several volumes that make up a lovely figure. As stated before, the characters face bears a nice and relaxed expression and his kimono is adorned by lovely details depicting clouds. In the bag, two square patches provide the piece with a touch of reality and grace.This netsuke is small in size but will surely be a great acquisition for any lover of the most beautiful Japanese antiques.Measurements: Height: 50 mm.

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