Asian Censer, Ca. 1900

Stylized Asian brass censer, hand polished and carved. Made at the beginning of the 20th century.



Decorative and stylized Asiatic censer or vase, designed to burn incense in order to scent spaces and rooms. This beautiful item, so functional and attractive, is made of polished brass and is in good condition. The piece was made circa 1900.The piece, as stated before, is made of polished brass. The metal is in quite well preserved and has survived to our days in good condition. The item boasts a fine engraved decoration, located mainly it the top recipient or urn and in the handles. The convex shape of the urn let the artist who performed the decoration display his or her skillful art by engraving a lovely oriental-style motive that depicts a flowery cherry tree branch on which a bird is sitting. This bird turns its head to look at another one which flies to the branch. The image is full of the typical charm and delicacy of classic oriental naturalist pictures.Measurements: Width: 120 mm. Height: 220 mm.

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