Chinese Porcelain Vase

Elegant Chinese porcelain vase, hand decorated with naturalistic motifs. Guagxu brand.



Amazing Chinese porcelain vase with long neck and lovely hand-painted naturalistic decoration. This vase is a really special piece because of its elegant shape, whose proportions are embellished even more thanks to the exquisite decoration that adorns the white porcelain. The decoration is inspired in nature and is composed of vegetal motives and birds drawn with great realism, detail and care. The vases mouth and base are also decorated with bright cobalt blue fringes, creating a balanced and harmonious overall.The decoration covers mainly the front part of the vase, shining in its whole splendor. We can see a scene composed by a lot of flowers and plants that grow from the base, and a cherry tree that lifts its flowery branches over them. Between the branches two delicate small birds are flying; they are the main characters of the scene thanks to their movement and liveliness. The bottom of the vase is also highly beautiful and is covered of leaves, grass and flowers of different shapes, sizes and colors. Just in front of this scene we can see a strange and twisted green shape that seems to be some kind of rock or wave.As stated before, both the base and the neck are decorated with blue fringes, painted in a somewhat blurred style. The bases fringe is composed by lobed blue shaded areas that seem to simulate waves and rocks. The top fringe, on the other hand, shows a wide blue zone decorated with scales and with a slim geometrical border under. In front of the scaled motive we can see some curious motives painted in a darker blue tone. If we turn the vase upside down we will discover the Guangxu mark (1873-1908). Guangxu was the eleventh emperor of Qing Dynasty. The mark is written in the same cobalt blue of the fringes and is protected by the porcelain glaze.Measurements: Width: 130 mm. Height: 320 mm.

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