Chinese Porcelain Vase

Stylized and colorful Chinese porcelain vase, in very good condition. With Jiaqing mark on the base.



This elegant Chinese porcelain vase has survived to our days in perfect condition, with no flaws or cracks and with its nice naturalistic decoration as bright and colorful as when it was originally manufactured. The vase is stylized in shape and boasts an attractive and balanced design, with a wide mouth and a stable base. On the white surface we can see a beautiful decoration with different colors and accurate strokes, depicting a naturalistic scene in which the protagonists are plants and animals. In essence, this scene is full of charm and reveals the skillful hand of an artist of color.The scene shows some twisted trees that grow from the ground, whose branches are full of big dark pink fruits. The branches also hold fine leaves in different shades of green. A beautiful white bird with a long tail sits on one of the branches. To the left of the trees there is a shorter plant with a big white and pink flower and a bud. To the right, another plant holds a red flower; just under it we can see a charming deer that is holding a red flower in its mouth. The whole scene is colorful and attractive, composing a typically oriental picture with a high decorative power.At the back of the vase, the porcelain is free of decoration except for two red bats that seem to be flying freely. These animals are usually depicted in this kind of pieces and they are symbols of good fortune in Chinese tradition. Finally, at the pieces base we find the Jiaqing mark (1796-1820) in red, clearly drawn on the porcelains surface. Jiaqing was the fifth emperor who ruled over China and the seventh of Qing Dynasty.This lovely vase is undoubtedly a highly decorative item that will enhance the most elegant room.Measurements: Width: 175 mm. Height: 380 mm.

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