Daouang Porcelain Bowl, XIX Century.

Spectacular Chinese porcelain bowl with gilt bronze frame. Daouang Period, 19th Century



This striking piece is a Chinese porcelain bowl mounted on an ormolu bronze stand. The article dates from the Early 19th century and was made during the Daoguangs Period, when the Emperor of the same name ruled over China (1821-1850). This is a Famillie Rose piece, 100% original from the time. The exterior of the porcelain looks almost impeccable, showing no hairlines, cracks or dents of any kind. If anything, the inner surface of the bowl looks slightly worn due to the trace of time and use. This detail is part of the bowls past life and remains as a sign of its ancient age.As stated before, the bowl was hand-made during Emperor Daoguangs reign over China. He was the eight emperor of the Qing Dynasty and the sixth Qing emperor to rule over the country. This porcelain piece is a Familie Rose article and is highly remarkable because of the many lively and delicate colors used in the outside decoration. The bowl is painted by hand: over the pale pink base, embellished with a magenta geometrical fringe, the bowl itself stands boasting a wonderful bright blue background decorated with the image of big Phoenix birds with colorful feathers. The animal is depicted on both sides of the piece and is surrounded by a lot of lotus flowers in different shades of pink, yellow, blue and green.If we turn the bowl upside down, at the base we will discover the red Daoguang mark on the porcelain. The rest of the surface is painted in the same blue color that covers the whole piece. The bowl is strikingly beautiful, but its great look is embellished by the fine stand that holds and enhances it: an ormolu bronze structure composed of hand-engraved filigrees, with a classic Oriental aesthetic and adorned by delicate floral motives. The stand is in amazing condition: its golden color makes a wonderful contrast with the delicate colors that decorate the nice porcelain.Measurements: Bowl: 7.5 in/19 cm diameter. Height: 3.3 in/8.5 cm. Bronze Stand: Width: 11.4 in/29 cm. Height: 8.05 in/20.5 cm.

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