Antique Solid-Silver Pocket Watch Chain. 19th Century

Very elegant solid-silver watch chain. More than one hundred years old. In excellent condition.

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Gorgeous antique solid-silver pocket watch chain, made in the 19th century and boasting an elegant design. The chain is wonderfully preserved and shows no traces of wear or rust. It also keeps all its original component parts. It is composed of two braided silver cords with circular-link chains at each end, connected to the cords by solid-silver balls. One of them ends with a small snap link, bound to be attached to the watchs bow. The other is connected to a cylindrical bar which is actually a winding key. The cords are adorned with two silver bow-shaped barrettes, decorated with hand-engraved flowers and shamrocks. This antique solid-silver pocket watch chain stands out for its timeless and stylish design. Dimensions: Length: 12.6 in / 32 cm. Weight: 27.7 g.

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