Beautiful Antique Dressing Table Set Decorated with Chinese Motifs. 1920's-30's

Beautiful lacquered and hand painted dressing table set with chinoiserie. Very well preserved.



This amazing item is a vanity set made of hand-painted lacquered wood. This is an antique piece full of beauty and charm, in very good condition and quite delicate. The vanity set is a small cabinet full of compartments and mobile parts, designed to store female personal care and make-up products and accessories. All the pieces that make up this vanity set are original and remain very well preserved. The mentioned pieces are made of solid wood and boast an astonishing oriental-style lacquered finish. The lacquer has a red base with a black lacquer top layer that looks shiny and even. The cabinet is lacquered inside and outside and shows also some inlay bone details whose white color makes a nice contrast with the black background. Nevertheless, the most remarkable decorative details are the hand-painted images that embellish the top covers. This is a set of colorful oriental landscapes with slim strokes and an impressive attention to detail. The landscapes are gorgeous and delicate, full of life and painted in orange, ochre, green, white, yellow and red colors. The biggest landscape fills the whole top cover of the vanity set. At the left top corner of this cover we can see a red oriental signature or inscription. Inside this small piece of furniture we find a hairbrush, a mirror, a powder case, a small rectangular box and a nailbrush: these items are also lacquered and bear hand-painted oriental motives, similar to those of the cabinet. Each piece bears an inlay bone detail; all these details are carved by hand in the shape of traditional Chinese images depicting boats and country people. Really classy and delicate, this oriental-style vanity set is a unique piece bound to shine in the most stylish room. Measurements (Open): Width: 18.8 in / 48 cm. Height: 15.7 in / 40 cm.

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