Fine Antique Solid Silver Card Holder with Case. 19th Century

Delicate antique card holder made in solid silver filigree. With original case.



This outsanding and delicate article is an antique card holder made of sterling-silver in the 19th century. This piece was probably made in China and has survived to our days in excellent condition. In spite of being more than one hundred years old, its fine beauty and careful design are still highly remarkable. The card holder is made of silver wire with different widths, folded and molded to create gorgeous flowers, fringes and volutes. The shapes are supported by silver frames that create the structure where the cards are stored. This article is made up by the holder itself and a lid that fits perfectly. The case where this piece comes in is covered of pink embroidered silk outside and white satin inside. It is the original case and is the perfect accessory for the charming card holder. This antique silver card holder is a very stylish accessory for any lady who can appreciate the beauty of the finest antiques. Measurements (Case): Width: 2.5 in / 6.5 cm. Height: 4.3 in / 11 cm.

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