Antique Chinese Silver Folding Fan with Enamels. China, 19th Century

Wonderful Chinese silver folding fan with enameled decoration. A very delicate piece in good condition.



Outstanding antique Chinese silver folding fan with enamels made in the 19th century. This wonderful fan stands out for its extreme delicacy and beautiful design, which turn it into a piece full of timeless charm. It is composed of twenty-three sticks and three guards, all of them made of silver. The metal is molded in very slim strips which are curved creating a silver lattice which reminds us of lace. The guards are solid silver pieces decorated with hand-engraved motifs depicting figures dressed in the traditional way, sitting in leafy landscapes. Over the silver lattice we can see some silver shapes, all of them embellished with bright enamels. They depict small landscapes and floral motifs, some of them with figures and temples and decorated with blue, green and pink enamel. The fans head (the bottom part with the rivet) is made of gold-plated silver. The combination of the different silver finishes, the latticework and the gorgeous enameled details turns this folding fan into a real collectors item, worthy to be exhibited in an honor place. This antique Chinese silver folding fan with enamels preserves its original power of seduction. An exclusive piece which any lover of beautiful pieces would long to possess. Dimensions: Total Width (Unfolded): 13.39 in / 34 cm. Ribs Length: 7.87 in / 20 cm. Weight: 153 g.

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