Antique Chinese Eating Set. Chopsticks and Knife. Ivory and Bone. China, Circa 1900

Original antique Chinese cutlery set. With a couple of chopsticks and a knife. Bone and ivory handles and stingray-leather-covered case.



Authentic antique Chinese cutlery set with chopsticks and knife. The set was made in China circa 1900 and is in really good condition, though being nearly one hundred years old. It is composed of two chopsticks and a knife stored in a scabbard or case covered in stingray leather (a stingray is a fish which belongs to the group of sea rays). It is quite an elegant table set which stands out for the quality of the materials it is made of, and for its stylized design too. The chopsticks are cylindrical in shape and bear no decoration. The scabbard preserves the leather covering and the original steel reinforcements in great condition. This delicate antique Chinese cutlery set with chopsticks and knife made of ivory and bone is a really charming piece, more than one hundred years old and in fine condition. Dimensions: Length: 12.4 in / 31.5 cm.

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